Monday, March 16, 2009

Kitchen floors done... kinda

Over a year and a half ago, we "finished" doing up our Kitchen. (home owners out there know that a house is never really finished, there is always something to do) Well we left the floor, we would do that later.

This weekend was that later.

I sanded and Trudy vacuumed and mopped. Once it was ready to go, she did the edges and I mopped on the main bit. Here are the 2 before shots.


And here are the 2 after shots


Looks good hey! We stayed off it for about 20 hours. We decided that one coat would be OK, so we started moving everything back in. While moving in the fridge we scratched a big line in the new stain!!! ARRRRRG

Good thing I planned to have a few days off in the next two weeks, guess I will be putting on that second coat after all. :)

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