Monday, February 23, 2009

Cultural Trip To The City

Today we headed into the City for a morning of Art and Culture.

We headed to the Art Gallery Of NSW.


After the gallery we headed to Wagamama for lunch and then headed home (via the botanical gardens)


I really thought the kids would have found it really boring, but they loved it :)

See all the photos here.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Guitar Hero Cymbal Jack Fix

My second born child, bless him, was a bit bored the other day and spun the cymbal on our Guitar Hero drums until the audio jack was separated from the cable in the drum pads. I was greeted with some bare cables. ARG!!

So off the the internet for a fix I go. I couldn't find any good guides on how to fix it. So I got a new 3.5 mm mono audio jack from Tandy. (see these ones at JayCar. Same thing I got from Tandy)

The next issue was where to solder the wires. With a bit of help from my mate Spud, I worked it out. There are 2 connections on the jack. A shorter lug and a longer one. The internal wire (it will be covered in red plastic probably) needs to be soldered to the shorter lug and the braiding around the outside needs to be soldered to the longer lug.

Do it like that and you will be rocking out in no time :)

Welcome to the World... Alec

I am an Uncle again! Welcome to the world Alec Flower.


All the photos are here.