Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well 2008 is behind us all now!

Yesterday we decided to head into the city and check out the fireworks. We headed to the Powerhouse Museum first to check out the new Star Wars Exhibit (more for Dad then the kids!)

Then we all headed down to Circular Quay to try and get a spot. We got there about 4.30pm/5pm. We managed to score a pretty good spot. We had a good view of the Opera House, the bridge and the Harbour.


So with about 4 hours of waiting to go, we set about having dinner, playing DS and just chatting. (Mum and dad snoozed)


At 9pm the fireworks started. Most of the view was being blocked by a tree and nothing was happening on the bridge! At about 9.10pm it was all over. Over 4 hours of waiting for a 10 minute show! I think we might skip it next year.


The rest of the pictures are here.

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  1. Or give me a call... we go to my parents place for NYE because they're house is on the waterfront and they have a great view... so there's a big party at their place every year... seriously... next year give me a call!