Friday, June 20, 2008

The Sydney Apple Store is open

3355Wow what a rush. Tonight I went to the new Apple Store. I left work at about 4.45pm and headed over to George Street. What I saw was simply amazing. The queue spread from the front door to the QVB. I decided to head back to the front of the store to watch it open then head home and go tomorrow. What happened next was great! One of the security guards shuffled me to into the queue. It was an accident (I promise), but I kinda jumped the queue!! What is a Mac nerd to do own up to it, or get into the store at 5.05pm? Guess what I did :)

The highlight of the night? This guy approaches the genius bar and gets out a Mac Portable and asks for assistance! Classic!


The other highlights, a free shirt and the buzz from the staff (lots of hi 5s!) I am going to go every day for a while I think...

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  1. Wow - those shirts are made of awesome aren't they?!