Saturday, November 3, 2007


This year I am participating in Movember. In this month (you know the one that used to be called November) men across the globe grow marvelous moustache's. Moustache's get sponsored and the money raised goes to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and Beyond Blue.

2597  So this morning I shaved off the goatee and started. My face feels all naked!!

Wanna sponsor me?

I will update you all with the progress. The only question now is what kind of moustache should I grow?


  1. The HANDLEBAR!!

    Uncle Chop Chop says "Harden the F&%ck up and grow yourself a handlebar, not the poofy Pencil moucka, or the Nazi Brush..."

  2. Hmmmm too many choices... Maybe I will have time to try out a few

  3. Go for the one that starts above and to the left of your left eye, and goes all the way across to above and to the right of your right eye.

    I heard The Mugabe is getting a lot of attention this year - you'd do well with that.

    Or you could go all arty farty and grow one in the shape of a prostate gland - actually, you'll probably need to grow a matching pair for reasons of symmetry. Would be a very nice piece of theatre and somewhat dramatic symbolic act when you cut it off.

    My favourite is the latte mo - a thin line of hair just above the upper lip, dyed peroxide blonde. Just make sure you keep licking your lips a lot.

    Glad to help,

  4. How about a Hitler look? There was no intention to offend any Jews.