Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spa Delivery

2489 At 9am this morning a huge crane turned up to put our new spa in the backyard. It was a bit of a squeeze, but the crane managed to make it into our driveway.

Trudy was a bit scared to watch them crane it over the house, but I had to see it. Setting up the crane seemed to take about 30 minutes and actually putting it in the backyard took about 5 minutes. Trudy headed next door for a cup of coffee with the neighbor. She didn't realise that the crane passed right over the neighbors house!

2498 Its still empty at the moment (gotta get a sparky out to power it up), but soon we will have a place to float around and relax.


Next step is the roof and the deck. This hopefully should be passed by council early next week.


  1. Awesome!! so when are you inviting us over for a swim/spa :)