Thursday, September 27, 2007

Trip to Queensland

We returned from a short break on Monday morning from Queensland. It had been ages since we visited Aunty Ang.


It was only four days, but we managed to cram heaps of stuff in. On Thursday we did surfers, hung out at the beach for a while and then went up Q1. The view is awesome from the top.


Then on Friday, Movieworld. Dragged the kids on heaps of rides. Superman Escape was by far the coolest.


Saturday time to hop in the car and head back into NSW to Byron Bay. Unfortunately the weather wasn't very nice but the kids still managed to have a swim. Aunty Ang took her surfboard with, and told us that she wasn't very good, she lied. She was great and didn't get dumped once. Then it started to rain :( We headed to the pub and had a great lunch.

After all of that on Sunday we just relaxed. We then got up early Monday and I had to go back to work :(


  1. you didn't mention anything about your run in the the CC scam and how credit union are shite... ;P

  2. also I am still waiting for the macbook posting

  3. And what about the skill of the pilots who got you up there and back!!?
    Speaking from a biased point of viwe - NUTS about flying.

    Your dad