Monday, August 6, 2007

Kitchen update - Rangehood in


We purchased a rangehood about 3 months ago and it sat in a box till this weekend. Trev turned up about 10am Saturday to give me a hand installing it. I hoped we would be done by Lunch... He left at 4pm :(


The issue was that we couldn't work out the best way to attach it. We tried to drill through from the top, but with no luck. After a bit of brain storming we ended up drilling some blocks of wood to the side and drilled into the side of the cupboards. All the cutting and drilling into Trudys new kitchen made her a bit nervous!

Next was the vent, the tubing we got was about 50cm too short and of course Bunnings had no more in stock. A trip to the local plumber (who happens to me a mate of Trevs) and we got some extra pipe.

Looks great a works too, tested it out this morning with Sunday Pancakes.

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